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Since 1965, Gable Sporting Goods has been your favorite hometown supplier of all your favorite clothes and shoes for every hunting, fishing, team sports, indoor, and outdoor expeditions! Got a big game this weekend? Gables has you covered! Need gear for the opening day of hunting or fishing season? Outerwear and Outdoor Clothes for all ages, sizes, and season is what’s waiting for you at Gables. Come see why Gable Sporting Goods is still West Georgia’s favorite Apparel & Footwear headquarters.

Any Season, Any Weather

Gables has all the workboots, hiking boots, hunting boots and cowboy boots you’ve come to expect from your #1 local boot supplier. But did you know Gable Sporting Goods also carries the best athletic shoes, tennis shoes, cleats, high-tops, running shoes, or all-terrain cross-trainers? If you’re looking for the very best in New Balance, Under Armour, Asics, Mizuno, Nike, Reebok, and more, Gable Sporting Goods has the athletic shoes you need, at competitive everyday pricing you’ll love!

Try This at Home

If you think apparel & footwear isn’t important, try this simple test:

  • Find the nearest available mirror
  • Look to see if you’re Kenny Chesney
  • Write your results on a napkin, and proceed through the next section.

How did your test turn out? Are you Kenny Chesney?

If yes, then feel free to walk into your local store, without a shirt or shoes, and get great service.

If no, walk in the same store, shirtless and barefoot, and try to buy a coke. It’s not gonna work.

So for all of you out there who are NOT Kenny Chesney, no shirt and no shoes might actually be a problem. Luckily, Gable Sporting Goods has an outstanding selection of Clothing, Outdoor Apparel, Fitness & Sports Apparel, Outerwear, Boots, Athletic Shoes, and Cleats for all your favorite outdoor and indoor activities. And if you happen to be Kenny Chesney, we guess you can come look around, too. Just don’t blink. Okay, you can blink.