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Gable Sporting Goods has been proudly helping grown men avoid taking out the trash since 1965.

From Sweetwater Creek to Lake Allatoona, from the Coosa down to West Point, even all along the ever-faithful Chattahoochee River, West Georgia fishing is a long-honored tradition shared by so many. Whether you were introduced to local streams and lakes by your dad or grandfather, or if you found the local hotspots all by yourself, amateur and professional Fishing is very much part of the fabric of West Georgia heritage.

Modern Traditions

Today’s fisherman is different than the anglers of yesteryear in many ways. Today’s fisherman has traded his cans of corn for sophisticated baits & lures. Today’s fishing enthusiast might utilize tools like Fishfinders & Navigation instead of fish tales and conventional wisdom. Even a fly-fishing devotee will attempt to disguise their modern accessories, but we all know that there’s plenty of modern sophistication underneath that vintage appearance.

Expand into Simplicity

Though West Georgia fishing may grow and expand to embrace certain technological advances, fishing will always be the outdoor sport of little kids, taught to them by their dads and grandpas. It will always be the sport of family, of heritage, and of gathering around the waters that made us who we are. The water might always be the focal point that bound us all together, but it’s what we did in the water that defined our inherited way of life.

Make Your Old Memories New

So what’s your favorite childhood fishing memory? What’s the favorite fishing memory you’ve shared with YOUR kids? Haven’t made any yet? Shouldn’t your kids have more memories than what level they made it to on a video game? Well, there’s no time like the present to go fishing! Come get what you need at Gable’s, then get out there and make some memories!