Hard Baits

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If you've ever bitten into a hard bait, you know that it's exactly what it says it is: HARD. No false advertising there! And OUCH! The HOOKS! Under normal circumstances, most Hard Baits would not seem that appetizing to an average, red-blooded American. That's because they're not for you, dummy! Those are for the FISH! When used correctly, hard baits are extremely beneficial for catching fish. **Please note that Gable Sporting Goods does NOT advocate biting your own hard baits and lures**

Got Fish?

The most successful hard baits or fishing lures are not the ones that look like minnows, or shad, or chug bugs, or frogs, or crawfish, although Gable Sporting Goods does carry all those great hard baits. The most successful fishing lures are the ones that you're catching fish with, right now! Any fisherman knows that certain jigs work one day, while poppers and spinners work on another day. Your best bet is to have your tacklebox filled to the brim with all your favorite hard baits and fishing lures from Gable Sporting Goods. So come rediscover the Gable's difference and happy fishing!