Soft Baits

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Imitation is the highest form of flattery.
Jean Claud Van Johnson

Since 1965, Gable Sporting Goods has been helping you imitate worms, shad fish, bugs, tadpoles, and all sorts of other delicious things that your favorite fish likes to eat! If you’ve ever wanted to see a sea of soft bait, we can scratch your itch. If you’re serious about fishing, Gable’s Pro Angler Shop is serious about getting you the soft baits and flexible fishing lures you need to land the big one!**Editor’s note: While not as immediately harmful on the teeth as hard baits, soft baits and soft fishing lures still have hooks in them. So as we’ve already said, please STOP biting your fishing lures. It’s not only dangerous, it’s also odd and off-putting**

The Allure of Fishing Lures

Gable Sporting Goods has been your #1 local supply for all your favorite fishing soft baits and soft lures from Zoom Bait, Stormlures, Yum, Netbait, and so much more! So come get a line, get a pole, and get the best soft baits you’ve ever used, all at Gable Sporting Goods. We’ll be happy to see you!